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Recent Sales Popup Module for WHMCS(Premium)

This module lets your site visitors know that you have traffic and people are buying frequently from your shop. This builds up client confidence leading to more sales.

M-Pesa WHMCS Module (Daraja C2B API)
cPanel/Webmail Quick Login Widget

cPanel/Webmail Quick Login Widget is a WHMCS module that displays a smart widget at the homepage of the client area that simplifies how your client login to cPanel services. This widget offers a one-click login to cPanel or to email accounts without the need of entering passwords, making the process smooth and swift, something your clients will thank you for. If you are used to the frustrations of your clients being locked out by CSF due to numerous failed logins, this module will come in handy as all you need is to train your clients to login from the client area something not hard to do as they will love the smooth experience.

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